Back to Pathfinder: Beginning a Pathfinder 2e Campaign

The new Pathfinder roleplaying game released a while ago, and while I was excited, I didn’t play the game until years later.

This post is about three things. First, how we picked a roleplaying game for a new fantasy campaign. Second, why we landed on the Pathfinder second edition this time around and what sources we included. And, finally, our experience from the first nine sessions.

The goal is to inspire you to try new games.

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A Five-hour Comparison of Grammarly and ProWritingAid

As a writer, I want my writing to be as good as I possibly can. English is my secondary language, so I’ve been using Grammarly to clean up my English for years and am very happy with it. However, ProWritingAid seems to be a much-loved alternative, so am I missing out? Should I change? The readability test in WordPress loathes my writing, flagging passive voice, few transition words, and repetitions. So I have this nagging feeling I should do something. Is ProWritingAid the answer?

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Dungeons for Storytellers: Seven Steps to Improve Your Dungeons

Good dungeon design is like telling a story. You need a good hook, you should think about pacing, and there should be a point at the end.

The idea of massive dungeons appeals to me. Still, I never think they are fun to play. Typically I am bored to tears of whatever dungeon we’re exploring sometime halfway through the second session, so how do I deal with that?

Previously I’ve argued that the Mines of Moria is a five-room dungeon. This is a topic near-and-dear to me, so let’s explore that a bit. Continue reading “Dungeons for Storytellers: Seven Steps to Improve Your Dungeons”

GM Tips for Dealing with Stress: Allow Your Roleplaying Game Session to be Boring

Running a roleplaying game is fun and rewarding. A great way to bond with friends, sometimes even creating lifelong friendships. It can also be stressful, and sometimes boring. The nightmare scenario would be stressful and boring. But what if yor game needs to sometimes be boring to become great over time? Here’s some GM tips. Continue reading “GM Tips for Dealing with Stress: Allow Your Roleplaying Game Session to be Boring”

The Monsters of Your Fantasy World

The monsters you choose to include in your story help define your fantasy world. The overwhelming tide of evil, the dark horror lurking just beyond the reach of your light, perhaps enemies with a uncomfortable familiarity, or do you choose to include everything available? Continue reading “The Monsters of Your Fantasy World”

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