A dark medieval world with hordes of orcs, evil cults, and feuding noble houses locked in centuries-old struggles.


I am a 40-something straight white dude with an economics degree I do not use. I am a gamer, reader, writer, liberal, and GM for 30 years. I listen to angsty 70s to 90s rock and live with beloved GF and two cats. I am an introvert making a living talking to people full time, and writes the Mudworld Blog is a creative outlet.

I’ve been writing all my life and decided to ramp up my game in early 2017. I want to write high magic fantasy rooted in real people and problems, perhaps similar to the Black Company books and the Dragon Age computer games. I will not shy away from being “political.”

I started this blog in late 2017. It’s mostly about roleplaying games, which may appear counterproductive, but I needed to learn the tools, and I have sworn to enjoy every step ofthe journey. It has been a slow process, but it has been fun, and I will continue.


Ground zero.