The Cabin in the Woods

A cabin in the woods can be many things: from a forester dwelling to a monstrous conspiracy with international branches.

A cabin in the woods can double as a hill giant steading, depending on the scale of the map.

The state of the cabin depends on the current inhabitants. It may be a well-maintained home for civilized folk, or a half-collapsed abandoned shack, or even the home of lycanthropes or monsters.

As an ordinary dwelling, the cabin has rooms like bedrooms, kitchen, restroom, and living room.
The cabin may also have additional areas, like a crawl or ordinary basement, or a loft.


Usually, residents of remote cabins are ordinary folk preferring the freedom of self-sufficient life in peace. At other times, however, they are not.

  1. 3d4 Bandits and Brigands
  2. 1d6 Hag, Changelings, Ogres, and Half-Ogres
  3. 1 Hermit, Warlock or Witch
  4. 1d3 Werebears or Werewolves


Evil residents sometimes keep slaves, poor souls isolated and forgotten by the polite society of the cities.

  1. Captured Soldiers
  2. Dwarven Crafters
  3. Goblins
  4. Orcs
  5. Traveling Merchants
  6. Villagers

The Secret Master

  1. Demon
  2. Demon Knight
  3. Lamia
  4. Lich
  5. Vampire
  6. Wraith Sorcerer

Secret Areas

Forgotten Barrow. The cabin is built on a barrow, the ancient grave of a spiteful chieftain who was betrayed and secretly buried here. The faint whispers at night sometimes heard between the trees is believed to be the chieftain calling from the grave.

Hidden Loft. Seen from the outside, it is possible to overlook that the cabin has a low-ceiling loft. The residents have hidden secrets up for decades: lost books, stolen trinkets from folks lost in the woods, and stolen goods from the city.

Secret Basement. The cabin basement is used for storage of provisions and all kinds of tools necessary for an isolated life in the woods.
The residents have hidden chests and compartments under the floorboards. Some may hide bodies of hapless travelers and passed relatives.

Secret Tunnels. The land is ancient, and the evil lingering in the cabin is just a manifestation of darker terrors. Hidden in the basement is a secret tunnel leading down to the secrets halls of Things Best Forgotten.

Secrets of the Cabin

A cabin in the wood may hide many secrets, usually in the basement or in the loft.

  1. Forgotten Burial Ground.
  2. Hidden Artifact.
  3. Orders from a Secret Master.
  4. Prisoners or Slaves.
  5. Magic Mirror.
  6. Weapon Cache.

Variant: The Ruined Cabin

Old cabins fall to ruin with neglect and often attract new residents – like wild animals, vermins and insects, orcs, and ogres.
Bands of smugglers and brigands use the secret basement as a safehouse from provisions.

The Ruined Cabin in the Woods

The ruined cabin may also serve as a hill giant lair if you assume the map 10 ft. scale. Hill giants are poor carpenters and maintenance is usually shoddy, unless they have captured skilled slaves.

  1. 1 Ghost
  2. 1d10 Giant Rats
  3. 1d6 Giant Beetles
  4. 1d3 Hill Giants, Hill Giant Chief, or Ogre-Magi
  5. 1d3 Trolls
  6. 1d6 Wights or Wraiths
  7. 1d3 Werebear or Werewolves
  8. 1d10 Ghouls or Zombies


The Cabin in the Wood. Grid.







Cabin in the Woods. Floorpan with no grid.
Ruined Cabin in the Woods. Grid.

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