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  • The Horror at Crooked House

    The Horror at Crooked House

    The Crooked House, a derelict house in a poor neighborhood, has fallen to disrepair long ago. The house is just one of many homes in a district without hope, and the darkness has free reign among indifference and poverty.

  • The Hinterlands Caves

    The Hinterlands Caves

    The Hinterlands, pastoral fields, and woodlands, with ruins and lingering shadows, lies beyond the safety of the village. The Hinterlands Caves, a fantasy rpg starter dungeon, is located a few hours from the nearest village and has been a known lair for orcs, brigands, smugglers and dark cults in the past. Now evil stirs again…

  • The Devil’s Assassin

    The Devil’s Assassin

    The Devil’s Assassins is a fantasy scenario of deception, betrayal, and action in five short scenes for an adventure or a story, using the format in a previous post regarding creating fantasy roleplaying game adventures.

  • GM Tips for Support Characters in Fantasy RPGs

    GM Tips for Support Characters in Fantasy RPGs

    The interaction between the player characters and the support characters is one of the pillars of roleplaying games, so a varied cast of support characters is vital. Here are some GM tips on how to create support characters.

  • Create Random Adventures

    Create Random Adventures

    Adventures often involve a new patron, rumors of enemy activities, or investigating current events and rumors. As a follow-up on previous posts of creating adventures, dungeon adventures, and city adventures, here’s a simple random generator to generate a framework for your adventure design.

  • The Deeds of the Merchant Priest

    The Deeds of the Merchant Priest

    The Merchant Priest is at the heart of civilization, with a dual nature, vast wealth and knowledge, and the power to both build and destroy. The Merchant Priest is perhaps the druid’s fiercest enemy, although with a neutral smile and polite etiquette.