Sudowrite and ChatGPT For Writing Fantasy and Roleplaying Game Content

How to write fantasy fiction and roleplaying game content in a sensible and ethical manner. A quick test of ChatGPT and Sudowrite.

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are changing the rules for writers. With a tool like ChatGPT, anyone can quickly generate long texts, present it to the world as their own, making a quick buck as the market for creative writing collapses.

Sounds bleak?

Or is it that simple?

Clearly, I need to figure this out. I have no answers, but I think we will be ok.

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A Five-hour Comparison of Grammarly and ProWritingAid

As a writer, I want my writing to be as good as I possibly can. English is my secondary language, so I’ve been using Grammarly to clean up my English for years and am very happy with it. However, ProWritingAid seems to be a much-loved alternative, so am I missing out? Should I change? The readability test in WordPress loathes my writing, flagging passive voice, few transition words, and repetitions. So I have this nagging feeling I should do something. Is ProWritingAid the answer?

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The 2021 Writing Goals

The end of the year is fast approaching, and 2020 has certainly been a wild ride. Staying motivated has been rough.

I think I only made it halfway to my 2020 writing goals, which is weird in a year absolutely nothing happened in my life. Continue reading “The 2021 Writing Goals”

Motivation for Creative Writing

Anyone who has tried writing fiction over a length of time has probably faced periods with evaporating motivation and looming doubt. Why do you even bother to set yourself up for failure?

You write alone in whatever space you have dedicated to this pursuit. Hopefully, you have folks close to you who support you. Yet this can be a lonely task. Continue reading “Motivation for Creative Writing”

Writing Dungeons and Dragons DMsGuild Adventures in the RPG Writer Workshop

Learning to write for others and possibly self-publish is my goal for this blog, and is also why I finally got a twitter account ten years after everybody else. The RPG Writer Workshop is one of many possible ways for both learning and publishing adventures, and this post recounts my experiences as I do the workshop lessons. The goal is to inspire and even help other DMsGuild writers. Continue reading “Writing Dungeons and Dragons DMsGuild Adventures in the RPG Writer Workshop”

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