The Desert Tomb VTT Map and One Page Dungeon

Deep in the desert are tombs of past rulers, priests, and wizards – half-forgotten relics of lost kingdoms now buried in the sands.

The map should work for virtual tabletops (vtt), and the One Page Dungeon for most fantasy roleplaying games is a dark flair.


  • The characters pick up a rumor of grave robbers heading out in the desert looking for an unspoiled tomb. The characters may want to stop the raiders’ desecration or try to beat them to the tomb and raid it themselves.
  • A treasure map or research on a related quest reveals an unknown tomb’s location in the desert.

The Maps

The color maps should work with virtual tabletops for fantasy roleplaying games. Below are several versions of a map drawn with Profantasy’s Campaign Cartographer with the Jon Roberts and the Dungeon Ink map style.



Desert Tomb One Page Dungeon
Dungeons of the Demon Cult

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