Five One Page City Adventures

Civilization, ancient and wicked. We must be cautious.
– Conan the Barbarian (1982)

One Page Adventures are for improvisation – mixing-and-matching on short notice – to create fun, unexpected adventures with lots of player input.

Part of One Page Adventures’ charm is the low effort put on the person running the game and instead puts the story in the other players’ hands. This can surprise you in the best way possible.

This post includes five One Page Adventures of sorts. Each may occur as the characters explore the town. Perhaps the characters look at the notice board, surely they will visit a tavern, and maybe become entangled with plots with local mages, thieves, and nobles, and end up in the sewers or a nondescript warehouse hiding secrets.

All you need to get a wide-open game going is a starter town, five One Page adventures, a few good lists of names and NPCs, and a few character backgrounds hooks per character, and you can keep going for multiple game sessions.

Check out the maps and pdfs below, and hopefully, you will find them useful.

As always, a content warning may be in order. Fighting oppression is part of these adventures as much as monsters in dark dungeons. Sometimes monsters come with smiles, purses, and familiar faces.



Here are five One Page Adventures:

Related environment sheets:

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