The Forgotten Sanctum

The Forgotten Sanctum was once part of a larger underground complex of a powerful cult or mage guild, which now only exists in fading memory and vague text fragments.

The complex is buried and forgotten, and only parts like the sanctum are now accessible through new secret tunnels from the city above.

The Forgotten Sanctum is a dungeon for fantasy roleplaying games set below a city. The dungeon is setting and system neutral for easy adaptation and improvisation.

The Side-Chambers

The side-chambers are quarters of the guards and the master of the sanctum.

d6    Random Contents

  1. Arms and armor.
  2. A few barrels of alchemical liquids.
  3. Some crates containing supplies.
  4. Dozens of city guard uniforms.
  5. A pile of corpses.
  6.  A wardrobe of city guard uniforms, clothes, and costumes.

The Large Hall

The large hall was once an antechamber or assembly hall, but its true purpose is now forgotten. There is a statue of a cloaked stern man armed with a glaive staring into the distance.

The Main Chamber

The main chamber is where the dark secrets are hidden, and the master of the sanctum sometimes is found. The area may also be trapped.

d6    Original Purpose

  1.  Bestiary.
  2. Crypt.
  3. Sacred or Unholy Vault.
  4. Secret Prison.
  5. Shrine of the Dark God.
  6. Wizard’s Sanctum or Library.

d4    Forgotten Sanctum Random Traps

  1. Alarm Glyph.
  2. Fire Blast Glyph.
  3. Confusion Mist Glyph.
  4. Press-plate with poison arrows.

d10    Dark Secrets of the Sanctum

  1. A magic mirror or pool.
  2. A planar puzzle box.
  3. Binding pentagrams imprisoning an Archangel or Demon Lord.
  4. Crude religious paintings.
  5. Dragon eggs or abyssal urns.
  6. Haunted by the murdered victims of the city ruler.
  7. Heretical scrolls.
  8. A rift between worlds.
  9. The relics of the vampires.
  10. Vials of blood.

d8    Random Encounters

  1. 1d12 ghouls.
  2. 3d4 bandits.
  3. 1d4 giant spiders.
  4. 1d4 vampires.
  5. 1d6 wererats.
  6. 1d6 wraiths.
  7. 1 demon or devil.
  8. 1 golem.

d8    Random Master of the Sanctum

  1. Crime Lord.
  2. Heretic High Priest.
  3. Noble Lord.
  4. Succubus.
  5. Death Knight.
  6. Eye Beast.
  7. Lich.
  8. Necromancer.

PDF Files

Forgotten Sanctum Mini-Dungeon.

Into the City, an improvisation environment cheat sheet.

Into the Sewers, an improvisation environment cheat sheet.

Dungeons of the Demon Cult.

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