The faithful of the gods walk a most challenging path, as a successful cleric must battle heresy, church politics, smite evil and reclaim the lost relics. These story seeds hooks will inspire fantasy fiction and roleplaying adventure for Dungeons and Dragons and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

The Heresy of the Faithful

The Faithful of the gods walk a challenging path, as a successful cleric must battle heresy, delve into church politics, smite evil and reclaim lost relics. This post presents hooks for your next story or roleplaying adventure for Dungeons and Dragons and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

The Faithful serve something greater than themselves, a higher purpose, a deeper meaning, the divine. The path is unclear, and the dangers are many. The clergy deciphers truths from sign and portents, old relics, musty old tomes and voices in their head. The tasks at hand are daunting, the answers are few, but fortunately, there is strength in faith.

What can go wrong?

The Faithful of Light

The Faithful serve the God of Light.

The clerics are the principal clergy, mostly acolytes, the priests, the senior scholars.

The high priests, alternatively patriarchs or matriarchs, are both regional leaders and advisory councilors of the head of the church, the Grand Cleric, who also sometimes is called Grand Matriarch or Grand Patriarch.

The templars are the military wing of the Church of Light. Some of the soldiers have lofty ideals and refer to themselves as paladins.

The inquisitors hunt down and deal with sworn enemies of the church and heretics within the church ranks.

The divine seekers, or templar seekers, are the thieves and assassins of the church. Sometimes they are referred to as holy assassins.

The oracles, the channelers of the divine, are influential but not trusted as they are vague and erratic.


The faithful of the gods walk a most challenging path, as a successful cleric must battle heresy, church politics, smite evil and reclaim the lost relics. These story seeds hooks will inspire fantasy fiction and roleplaying adventure for Dungeons and Dragons and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

The Tasks of the Clergy

The Grand Cleric has pressing concerns and time is of the essence. You, the Grand Cleric’s most trusted servant, must deal with this quietly and efficiently, for the greater good:

  1. The inquisitors are investigating your past actions. The Grand Patriarch trust they are mistaken, and you can put their worries to rest.
  2. We have tasked the templars with moving one of the church vaults, but they take longer than expected and are very secretive about why. The Grand Patriarch worry that the faithful have troubled minds and needs proper guidance.
  3. One of the trusted brothers at an abbey not far from the capital report that some of the younger acolytes talk of being called to a remote highland. They cannot shake the delusions. Is it possible that the young acolytes experience vision unknown to the church elders? The outrage!
  4. Our loyal seekers report that foreign explorers, or should I say scavengers, are looking for a lost temple on the northern coast of the Crumbling Empire. The church is still missing relics from the First Crusades. This sacrilege is an insult to the God of Light.
  5. One of the High Priests has turned to the council and tell of a divine messenger appearing in dreams, prophesying the recovery of an imprisoned prophet. This event is undoubtedly an ill omen!
  6. Our Seekers report that servants of the Evil One have set up a lair in an old mage’s dungeons in an overgrown wood, not far from a major trade route. Usually, this would be dealt with by lesser servants, but the Grand Cleric believes there is a more in-depth game at play here.

The Lost Relics of the Crusades

Centuries of unwarranted attacks and justified retribution has cost us, and there are many sacred relics and profane artifacts that have fallen into enemy hands. Recovering these treasured and dangerous items is vital.

  1. The Dragon’s Crown, a heretical relic of the Old Gods of the South. This ancient artifact is said to be essential to restore the Old Empire, which undoubtedly will trigger a surge in the Old Gods as well. The crown must the found and hidden at all cost.
  2. The Chalice of the First Crusades, the cup used to anoint the ancient crusaders, and its recovery will boost templar morale and be a positive signal to a world losing faith.
  3. The Sword of the Virgin, the legendary sword of the Maiden of Tears, our most beloved angel, as at the very heart of our faith.
  4. The Bones of the Voice of the Desert, the earthy remains of the Oracle of Old, was lost during the First Crusades to the demon cultists of the Free Cities. We conquered the tide of evil but lost this holiest of artifacts.
  5. The Sapphire of Sanctuary, the blessed angels’ sanctum when the Evil One destroyed the old Imperial Capital.
  6. The Orb of the Evil One, the legendary scrying stone that guided the generals of darkness, is unaccounted for and remain a threat to everything good in the world.

The Heresy

The church’s deepest and darkest secret, the one they all deny, is doubt. Not the everyday doubt of your convictions or strength to carry out the dogma, but the horrifying doubt that the one true God may not at all be truthful. It is the bitter realization that your god, in fact, lies and hate you.

  1. There are whispers that the most hated and despised rogue inquisitors, the vilest traitors the church has ever suffered, claim a Vampire Coven have infiltrated the Grand Cleric’s inner circle, and partake in the most degrading rituals and hunt men for sport.
  2. The tenets of justice are wrong, and mercy is weakness inflicted upon us by the Evil One. Only through strength and the pain of the False can we, and them, find enlightenment and peace. Only pain will give clarity and show you who you are.
  3. Wealth is humanity’s most exquisite celebration of the divine. Only wealth shows the abundance offered by the divine and inspires true faith. The Swords of the Crown now has as much influence in the church as the old scholars, and salvation can be bought and sold at your convenience.
  4. The crusade has burned away the heart of the Church of Light long ago. The church is now nothing but a shell for the Order of Demon Hunters and their merciless and relentless hunt.

The Rewards

The God of Light reward the faithful in the afterlife, and there is no greater reward. Still, nothing says “job well done” like as a small boon, a token of appreciation, right now.

  1. The arms and armor of the faith, are both valuable tools and symbols prestige.
  2. Land grants, for personal benefit, or perhaps a new holy stronghold.
  3. Gold. Turning down gold is ungodly.
  4. All ambitious clerics welcome and treasure tomes of spiritual insights and dark secrets. Knowledge is power and wealth and critical for the future of the church.

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