The Warlock's Crypt is a holy place for the witches' coven and said to be cursed. A free dungeon adventure for fantasy RPGs.

The Lost Warlock Crypt

The Lost Warlock Crypt, located in an old forest, is mostly forgotten except for a witches’ coven in the area. The witches have met in secret by the crypt of solstices for decades, fearing local superstitions and inquisitive templars.

The dying curse of the warlock put a spell on the templars who had chased her for years, while the real perpetrators of the blasphemous crimes she was accused of walked freely elsewhere. This injustice did not go unnoticed, but by the witches’ patron, the darker powers at work, and the patron of the templars.

This cosmological struggle has diverged on the crypt for years, and odd occurrences have increased in frequency. The malign powers lurking beyond the threshold of this world are ready to strike, and the witches have fled the backlash that inevitably will follow. There are dark days ahead.


The Warlock's Crypt is a holy place for the witches' coven and said to be cursed. A free dungeon adventure for fantasy RPGs.


  1. Blight Druids
  2. Dark Fey
  3. Dark Witches
  4. Shadows
  5. Skeletons
  6. Wights
  7. Wraiths
  8. Zombies

Secrets of the Crypt

The Warlock’s Crypt holds dark secrets.

  • The Twelve Elven Princes. Some say these lands once belonged to the elves, and a line of twelve elven princes ruled the area, defending against the creeping darkness of infernal forces. The witches hope they will return in this hour of need.
  • The Approaching Darkness. Whether it’s the rising demon lords or the fallen shadow angels, the end times are approaching, or at least that is what the mad ramblings of some prophets claim. Darkness has manifested in the crypt, and the witches are powerless against it. Their place of quiet remembrance and serenity has become a vortex of dark emotions. Dark days are ahead, and this presence is poised to lead the plunge.
  • The Blight Druids Rises. A malign darkness has returned as blighted oily creature of great power, screaming damnation at all who stand in her way. This twisted creature professes the end of all things and is determined     to turn ancient witch’s power against her followers.


The Raven Shrine. This small shrine has a stone altar with raven and moon engravings on the front, and the bas-relief on the wall portrays a serene woman wearing a feathered cloak, a mask, and a hood while holding a scythe.

The Lesser Crypts. Eight green limestone coffins are raised up against the wall in this chamber, guarded by a statue of a solemn warrior in full plate with antlers on the helmet.

The Warlocks’ Sarcophagi. The final resting place of the grand witch of old and her nine daughters is a place of serene beauty and lingering darkness.

The bas-reliefs describe her life from childhood to the final battles, supported by elves and the air titans against the forces of darkness.

The Secret Vault. A statue of a thin man wearing an elegant helmet, chain shirt, cloak, and halberd is watching over this chamber.

This secret chamber behind the tomb is the coven’s vault of treasures and arcane secrets.

What Happens Next?

Both the templars and any surviving witches soon realize someone has explored the crypt. This is a sacrilege, and both groups fear the adventures have unlocked the crypts’ deepest secrets. Some say the rise of the demon lord is at hand, and demon hunters are surely investigating.

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