The Mage Tower

An inhabited mage tower is an arcane stronghold, a center of arcane learning and esoteric knowledge that may or may not benefit civilization.

The homes of wizards may be just as dangerous as any ruin, and usually more subversive. The monsters are hidden or hiding in plain sight, and the traps are just as lethal as anything found in a dank dungeon.

Anyone meddling in the business of wizards should beware.

The Mage Tower

Below are three versions of the Mage Tower created with Profantasy’s Campaign Cartographer, and I will probably return in the future with a ruined version.
The map should work with virtual tabletops, and again I am using the Jon Roberts art style.

The Mage Tower.
The Mage Tower. Floorplan with grid.
The Mage Tower. No grid.


Exploring the Arcane Ruins, an improvisation environment cheatsheet.
Dungeons of the Demon Cult. Cheatsheet for brainstorming and running demon cult dungeons.

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