World Building For Roleplaying Games

How do you efficiently build a fantasy world for roleplaying games? World building can be a massive undertaking and you can put countless hours into it, so you need to figure out much depth and scope you want or need. What are your goals? How can you improve your world by asking questions? Do you want to breathe life into the world with unreliable narrators?

For more about finding the right hook, have a look at my ideas for creating a logline for your world here. Once you have your hook you need to figure out how you want to proceed. Continue reading “World Building For Roleplaying Games”

Creating a Fantasy Setting

Creating a fantasy setting can be both a fun and rewarding task. This post will outline the process in four easy steps: create logline, identify the clich├ęs, use the chopping block and finally make it personal. Continue reading “Creating a Fantasy Setting”

Your First Dungeons and Dragons Game

You want to start your own Dungeons and Dragons game? Tabletop roleplaying games seem to have finally hit the mainstream after decades on the fringes of pop culture.

Classes, characters, experience, and levels are an integral part of computer games. We have the enthusiastic kids in Stranger Things. Fantasy and superheroes are part of mainstream cinema. Geek and Sundry shows like Critical Role and Titansgrave showcase what this great hobby can be, and who does not love The Big Bang Theory?

Perhaps it is time to wave the geek flag yourself? Want to try the real thing, but not sure where to begin? Continue reading “Your First Dungeons and Dragons Game”