Dungeons for Storytellers: Seven Steps to Improve Your Dungeons

Good dungeon design is like telling a story. You need a good hook, you should think about pacing, and there should be a point at the end.

The idea of massive dungeons appeals to me. Still, I never think they are fun to play. Typically I am bored to tears of whatever dungeon we’re exploring sometime halfway through the second session, so how do I deal with that?

Previously I’ve argued that the Mines of Moria is a five-room dungeon. This is a topic near-and-dear to me, so let’s explore that a bit. Continue reading “Dungeons for Storytellers: Seven Steps to Improve Your Dungeons”

Twenty Sellsword Contracts for Fantasy Roleplaying Games

Mercenary work can be harsh business, leaving the characters with some hard choices. Here are twenty new sellsword contracts for mercenary characters in fantasy roleplaying games. Continue reading “Twenty Sellsword Contracts for Fantasy Roleplaying Games”

Five One Page City Adventures

Civilization, ancient and wicked. We must be cautious.
– Conan the Barbarian (1982)

One Page Adventures are for improvisation – mixing-and-matching on short notice – to create fun, unexpected adventures with lots of player input. Continue reading “Five One Page City Adventures”

Shrine of the Red Wolf

The Shrine of the Red Hound is a remnant of a lost realm where elves and demons bound to rule the world in darkness. Continue reading “Shrine of the Red Wolf”

The Lost Warlock Crypt

The Lost Warlock Crypt, located in an old forest, is mostly forgotten except for a witches’ coven in the area. The witches have met in secret by the crypt of solstices for decades, fearing local superstitions and inquisitive templars. Continue reading “The Lost Warlock Crypt”

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