Create Roleplaying Game Characters

Creating a new character for a roleplaying game is one of the highlights of the game. You both get to create a new alter ego – good or bad – for yourself, and enjoy figuring out the character’s relation to the other characters.

This post is not about creating the characters themselves – your system of choice will explain that – this post is about making the characters fit in the story. There are many things to consider, for players and game masters alike, so let’s get started. Continue reading “Create Roleplaying Game Characters”

Creating Roleplaying Game Campaigns

Starting a new roleplaying game campaign requires three decisions: create characters, pick a setting, and pick a story or at least a theme. You can do this in any order you like, or all at once. I’ll discuss one possible way to do this in the following post.

Outlining is the most exciting stage of creating a roleplaying game campaign for me. The group collectively picks a theme and hook. I create a possible ending for the campaign, then bullet-point three acts, where most of the first act focuses on resolving semi-random character background. The middle part should be dark and disastrous, and usually, fall into place quickly last. Then rinse and repeat thirty sessions later. Continue reading “Creating Roleplaying Game Campaigns”

Creating Fantasy Roleplaying Game Starting Areas

How do you create fantasy roleplaying game starting areas? You can spend hundreds of hours creating your world and drawing your maps, but at some point, you just want to get started with your game. Or better yet, skip the hundreds of hours, and just start right away? Continue reading “Creating Fantasy Roleplaying Game Starting Areas”

World Building Strategies For Your Roleplaying Game Setting

World building can be a huge undertaking. You can put countless hours into it, so you need to figure out much depth and scope you want or need. What are your goals? How can you improve your world by asking questions? Do you want to breathe life into the world with unreliable narrators?

For more about finding the right hook, have a look at my ideas for creating a logline for your world here. Once you have your hook you need to figure out how you want to proceed. Continue reading “World Building Strategies For Your Roleplaying Game Setting”