Dungeons for Storytellers: Seven Steps to Improve Your Dungeons

Good dungeon design is like telling a story. You need a good hook, you should think about pacing, and there should be a point at the end.

The idea of massive dungeons appeals to me. Still, I never think they are fun to play. Typically I am bored to tears of whatever dungeon we’re exploring sometime halfway through the second session, so how do I deal with that?

Previously I’ve argued that the Mines of Moria is a five-room dungeon. This is a topic near-and-dear to me, so let’s explore that a bit. Continue reading “Dungeons for Storytellers: Seven Steps to Improve Your Dungeons”

The Desert Tomb VTT Map and One Page Dungeon

Deep in the desert are tombs of past rulers, priests, and wizards – half-forgotten relics of lost kingdoms now buried in the sands.

The map should work for virtual tabletops (vtt), and the One Page Dungeon for most fantasy roleplaying games is a dark flair. Continue reading “The Desert Tomb VTT Map and One Page Dungeon”

Five One Page City Adventures

Civilization, ancient and wicked. We must be cautious.
– Conan the Barbarian (1982)

One Page Adventures are for improvisation – mixing-and-matching on short notice – to create fun, unexpected adventures with lots of player input. Continue reading “Five One Page City Adventures”

The City Mansion VTT Dungeon Map With Campaign Cartographer

A city mansion is a possible location for many adventures: breaking-and-entering to steal an item for an evil noble, protect a family from assassins, or to simply serve as a place to rest and regroup for successful adventures. Continue reading “The City Mansion VTT Dungeon Map With Campaign Cartographer”

The Mage Tower

An inhabited mage tower is an arcane stronghold, a center of arcane learning and esoteric knowledge that may or may not benefit civilization.

The homes of wizards may be just as dangerous as any ruin, and usually more subversive. The monsters are hidden or hiding in plain sight, and the traps are just as lethal as anything found in a dank dungeon.

Anyone meddling in the business of wizards should beware. Continue reading “The Mage Tower”

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