The Rise to Power: Create a Dragon Age Inspired RPG Campaign in Three Acts

One of my favorite computer games, or stories really, is BioWare’s Dragon Age II. This may not come as a surprise to readers of this blog, the series means a lot to me, but Dragon Age II may be an odd choice.

Dragon Age II got a fair share of criticism upon release, and some of it was undoubtedly justified. Any fan of the series has heard it all before: repeated areas, an empty city, the ninjas of Kirkwall, and so on

However, that is not the point of this post. I have two goals for this post. First, between a fine-tuned three-act structure, great companions, cut-throat factions, and city adventures, Dragon Age II is a superb framework for a new city-based fantasy roleplaying game campaign.

Second, educate me on how story structure works and what we can learn using Dragon Age II as an example.

Let’s break up the three acts (and the game makes this really easy) into eleven basic story beats. This will, of course, include spoilers for the game. Continue reading “The Rise to Power: Create a Dragon Age Inspired RPG Campaign in Three Acts”

The Forgotten Sanctum

The Forgotten Sanctum was once part of a larger underground complex of a powerful cult or mage guild, which now only exists in fading memory and vague text fragments.

The complex is buried and forgotten, and only parts like the sanctum are now accessible through new secret tunnels from the city above. Continue reading “The Forgotten Sanctum”

Has Dragon Age Changed You?

The fourth of December 2019 is the second unofficial Dragon Age Day thanks to some dedicated folks to whom I will forever be grateful. Last year’s celebration asked what Dragon Age Means to me. This year it is a slightly different topic – how has Dragon Age changed you?

Continue reading “Has Dragon Age Changed You?”

Dark Heroic Fantasy World Building

Realizing what kind of stories you want to tell is crucial to do it well. I got a sense of what I wanted early but only now taken the time to actually define it, so this is a work in progress. What exactly is a dark heroic fantasy story? Continue reading “Dark Heroic Fantasy World Building”

The Devil’s Assassin

The Devil’s Assassins is a fantasy scenario of deception, betrayal, and action in five short scenes for an adventure or a story, using the format in a previous post regarding creating fantasy roleplaying game adventures. Continue reading “The Devil’s Assassin”