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  • The Desert Tomb VTT Map and One Page Dungeon

    The Desert Tomb VTT Map and One Page Dungeon

    Deep in the desert are tombs of past rulers, priests, and wizards – half-forgotten relics of lost kingdoms now buried in the sands. The map should work for virtual tabletops (vtt), and the One Page Dungeon for most fantasy roleplaying games is a dark flair.

  • Five One Page City Adventures

    Five One Page City Adventures

    Civilization, ancient and wicked. We must be cautious. – Conan the Barbarian (1982) One Page Adventures are for improvisation – mixing-and-matching on short notice – to create fun, unexpected adventures with lots of player input.

  • The City Mansion VTT Dungeon Map With Campaign Cartographer

    The City Mansion VTT Dungeon Map With Campaign Cartographer

    A city mansion is a possible location for many adventures: breaking-and-entering to steal an item for an evil noble, protect a family from assassins, or to simply serve as a place to rest and regroup for successful adventures.

  • The Mage Tower

    The Mage Tower

    An inhabited mage tower is an arcane stronghold, a center of arcane learning and esoteric knowledge that may or may not benefit civilization. The homes of wizards may be just as dangerous as any ruin, and usually more subversive. The monsters are hidden or hiding in plain sight, and the traps are just as lethal…

  • The Small Keep

    The Small Keep

    Small keeps are built along roads and borders to protect noble domains and the farmlands from raiders and the horrors of the wilderness. Ever so often, these keeps fall on the wrong hands as wars are long, borders shifts, and once-powerful realms collapse. Then new residents move into these keeps: undead, bands of brigands, exiled…

  • The Isolated Village Church

    The Isolated Village Church

    Desolate villages and their abandoned churches is a hotspot for adventure, dark secrets, and untold horrors. The Desolate Village Church is a dungeon map, like the Derelict Temple, as part of my ongoing attempt to figure out how dungeon maps work with Profantasy’s Campaign Cartographer, as I need more maps for my Roll20 game. The…