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The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game is published by Paizo Publishing and is build on the Dungeons and Dragons 3e OGL. The main bulk of the Pathfinder rules is found in the Pathfinder Reference Document.

The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game is based on the 3rd edition of Dungeons and Dragons. Although Dungeons and Dragons is the game I love, Pathfinder did D&D better than D&D for years, so that is what we still play for my tabletop games.

I consider Pathfinder a more complex and detailed (not necessarily better) than the current version of Dungeons and Dragons, and indeed with more options. Pathfinder may be your Dungeons and Dragons of choice if you want to “go large.”

Create Dungeon Adventures For Fantasy Roleplaying Games

Creating dungeon adventures for fantasy roleplaying games is fun and provides a play experience that is uniquely yours. Dungeons can be carefully crafted, or generated by random tables, and either way can be equally enjoyable. Continue reading

The Missing Courtesan Scenario

The Missing Courtesan is a fantasy scenario in five short scenes for a fantasy roleplaying game adventure or a story. The story digs into the criminal world and works if the protagonist is criminal, in law enforcement, or anywhere in between, and involves an old friend who is missing, and one or more criminal factions. Continue reading

The Murderous Priests Scenario

The Murderous Priests is a fantasy scenario of deception, betrayal, and action in five short scenes for a roleplaying game adventure or a story. Continue reading

Random Fantasy Roleplaying Game Character Backgrounds

Random backgrounds or backstories help fast character generation and make it easier to start a new campaign. This post includes some random character backgrounds for fantasy roleplaying games. Continue reading

City Adventures for Fantasy Roleplaying Games

Dark and wicked cities are great settings for fantasy roleplaying game adventures, as you can quickly change between exploration, combat and roleplaying. Continue reading

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