Back to Pathfinder: Beginning a Pathfinder 2e Campaign

The new Pathfinder roleplaying game released a while ago, and while I was excited, I didn’t play the game until years later.

This post is about three things. First, how we picked a roleplaying game for a new fantasy campaign. Second, why we landed on the Pathfinder second edition this time around and what sources we included. And, finally, our experience from the first nine sessions.

The goal is to inspire you to try new games.

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Pathfinder Gamemastery Guide 2e First Impression

Some key features were missing in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, in my opinion.

I got the Gamemastery Guide shortly after release in March 2020, and here is my first impression after a one-hour flip-through of the book: Continue reading “Pathfinder Gamemastery Guide 2e First Impression”

The Forgotten Sanctum

The Forgotten Sanctum was once part of a larger underground complex of a powerful cult or mage guild, which now only exists in fading memory and vague text fragments.

The complex is buried and forgotten, and only parts like the sanctum are now accessible through new secret tunnels from the city above. Continue reading “The Forgotten Sanctum”

Dark Heroic Fantasy World Building

Realizing what kind of stories you want to tell is crucial to do it well. I got a sense of what I wanted early but only now taken the time to actually define it, so this is a work in progress. What exactly is a dark heroic fantasy story? Continue reading “Dark Heroic Fantasy World Building”

Pathfinder Second Edition First Impression

Pathfinder Second Edition is upon us, and I am excited to check out what this new version offers. I have played Pathfinder almost exclusively since first released ten years ago, and only picked up Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition as a supplement, so this is a big deal. Continue reading “Pathfinder Second Edition First Impression”

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