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  • City Adventures for Fantasy Roleplaying Games

    City Adventures for Fantasy Roleplaying Games

    Dark and wicked cities are great settings for fantasy roleplaying game adventures, as you can quickly change between exploration, combat and roleplaying.

  • Fantasy War Roleplaying Game Campaigns

    Fantasy War Roleplaying Game Campaigns

    How do you run a fantasy war roleplaying game campaign? How do you avoid getting bogged down in tedious battles with predetermined outcomes and few real choices? Regain focus on the characters and make sure every step of the way provide meaningful action.

  • The Heresy of the Faithful

    The Heresy of the Faithful

    The Faithful of the gods walk a challenging path, as a successful cleric must battle heresy, delve into church politics, smite evil and reclaim lost relics. This post presents hooks for your next story or roleplaying adventure for Dungeons and Dragons and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. The Faithful serve something greater than themselves, a higher…

  • Religion For Roleplaying Games

    Religion For Roleplaying Games

    A crucial early stage in creating a fantasy roleplaying game setting is designing its religions. A religion’s role in the campaign setting work on two levels: the deities themselves and the followers. The deities themselves may or may not be an active part of the story, depending on your preference. The followers are often more…

  • Planar Adventures

    Planar Adventures

    Planar adventures are fantasy tropes that build on a rich tradition: religion, myths, medieval sources like Dante’s The Divine Comedy, celestial spheres, and modern sources like Moorcock’s Elric or Marvel’s Doctor Strange. Everything was poured into fantasy roleplaying in the 1970’s and remain part of the genre. These sources build on the idea that the…

  • The Secrets of the Demon Hunter

    The Secrets of the Demon Hunter

    The demons have lingered on the fringes beyond the border of your reality since the Dawn of Time, and the Demon Hunters may be our last chance. One day the gates will burst open the gates and the world will end, or at least that is the beliefs of many loremasters.