The Rise to Power: Create a Dragon Age Inspired RPG Campaign in Three Acts

One of my favorite computer games, or stories really, is BioWare’s Dragon Age II. This may not come as a surprise to readers of this blog, the series means a lot to me, but Dragon Age II may be an odd choice.

Dragon Age II got a fair share of criticism upon release, and some of it was undoubtedly justified. Any fan of the series has heard it all before: repeated areas, an empty city, the ninjas of Kirkwall, and so on

However, that is not the point of this post. I have two goals for this post. First, between a fine-tuned three-act structure, great companions, cut-throat factions, and city adventures, Dragon Age II is a superb framework for a new city-based fantasy roleplaying game campaign.

Second, educate me on how story structure works and what we can learn using Dragon Age II as an example.

Let’s break up the three acts (and the game makes this really easy) into eleven basic story beats. This will, of course, include spoilers for the game. Continue reading “The Rise to Power: Create a Dragon Age Inspired RPG Campaign in Three Acts”

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The Demon Lord is rising. You know this. Whenever your campaign is in trouble, a demon lord could rise somewhere, and you’ll know you’ll be alright. Not necessarily great, but at least alright.

Let’s dig into the building blocks of a Rise of the Demon Lord fantasy roleplaying game campaign: the Demon Lord, the cults and the cultists, the bargains, the vague texts, the End Times, and all the good stuff. Continue reading “Rise of the Demon Lord”

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